Wishful Wednesday #25

Raining is one of my favorite things in the world. If only I don’t need to be worried about wet clothes, mud, traffic jam, wet bag and stuffs inside, I would looove to walk under the rain every time it pours, even storms. Rain is often associated with sadness. But as a sentimentalist, to feel despair is refreshing. To grief is just a normal and important part of life so then I can appreciate smile and happiness more.

Naela Ali is a talented illustrator who has Japanese-ish touch in her works. She gorgeously created this book. Now I already mentioned two of my favorite things.

everything takes process. and from this pile of drawings, #storiesforrainydays began.

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Stories for Rainy Days by Naela Ali is available in nearest book stores. You can also check her other adorable works in Asobi.

It rains a lot lately, stay safe everyone.

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You’ve been warned, this is a ranting post. I am now experiencing what you call reader’s block, meaning I haven’t finished any single book since forever. Am I worried? Am I going to seek for advice? Am I going to ask you to suggest me how to block the reader’s block? No I am not.

Ok, I lied. Of course I am worried because somehow I feel like my brain is not working well or to be precise not organized well. Don’t get me wrong. I tried to grab, bought, borrowed, illegal downloaded, talked to friends, but nope! Not working, still no finished books. But no I didn’t lie. I am actually not worried. Various things happened to me lately and those became other pleasures of mine.

What I am trying to say is.. it’s uncool to not reading books. But it’s uncool-er to say not reading books is just a poor thing.

Ke POST Santa (Yang Baru)


Pertengahan Juli lalu, seorang kenalan dari negeri jiran bermaksud mampir ke POST Santa, ternyata sedang renovasi dan baru akan selesai di penghujung bulan. Seorang teman lainnya mengabarkan pembukaan POST Santa yang baru di hari Sabtu, 30 Juli 2016. Sayangnya walaupun dihadiri oleh beberapa penulis cukup ngehits, hari itu saya tidak melangkahkan kaki ke luar rumah sama sekali. Minggu 31 Juli 2016, agak mendadak, saya dan teman saya Azmi pergi ke sana. Continue reading