2019 Reading Plan

Third week of January and (most likely) my mood is on the very top. It feels so weird because I am a person full of negativity and now I am finding myself with lots of smiles and laugh. I have finished 6 books up to today. With express reading on the first week, three installments of Cormoran Strike finished in a wink. As office works started to find the rhythm, I lost my reading pace and back to the the speed of diesel cars – minus the noisy. But 50 books to read in a year is not too pushy, it means about one book per week so pretty confidence it will be totally fine.

Another 2019 reading plan is to finished all-borrowed-from-friends- books. I also wish to buy 10 books only which too good to be true, I know. If 10 looks impossible, at least I wish I could be wiser on how to spend money on books by only buying ones I really really, repeat, really really want to have (or collect, no difference). Current status is 2 down, 8 to go.

There is one secret writing project I did last year, the final result isn’t presented yet, though. But I always hope the chance to do this kind of project will come again this year. And about writing on another platform like I did on Jurnal Ruang, that one is also unsure but one year has 365 days, and Roald Dahl also said: “However small the chance might be of striking lucky, the chance was there.”


On December last year, I asked one group of men to tag me along… to join their podcast! Yep, you read it right, it’s podcast! In case you don’t know me, I am chatty. In other times, I am very chatty. like can do non stop chatting for hours and hours. And I have a big passion in books. And I like to try things new. Luckily they agreed to let me join them, so if you’re Indonesian, or you understand Indonesian, or you just wanna hear me babbling like there’s no tomorrow, go to SUARANE.ORG and join their segment titled #KepoBuku.

That’s all my 2019 reading slash bookish plan. Let me know yours too!




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