2018 Year in Books

Few months before the year ended, I lowered down the number of 2018 goodreads challenge to 75. Even with 25 books cut, I was thinking I wasn’t able to accomplish it. But somehow I finished 83 books with my very best reading speed on last four days. I even managed to finish more than 500 pages Jonathan Stroud’s Amulet of Samarkand in one day. This year I signed up for a premium subscription of Gramedia Digital, it helps me a lot to read during much free time I had.


Here are my top 5 reads:

  1. To Kill a Mockingbird – Harper Lee. This is the best book I read last year. I am sure everybody knows why. I signed up for a book discussion so I intended to finish before the meeting. The reading pace was very slow for about 100ish pages and it was hard to chew all the unfamiliar words but in the end it was very satisfying.
  2. Resign – Almira Bastari. This novel restored my faith in Indonesian chic-lit. The storyline is -OF COURSE- predicted but Bastari can deliver it neat and fresh.
  3. Xenoglosofilia – Ivan Lanin. No comment. I am a bias. Thank God I didn’t get starstruck the second time I met him AND TOOK A PHOTO OMG OMG.
  4. Lockwood & Co. The Streaming Staircase – Jonathan Stroud. I remember the thrill when reading it. So much fun!
  5. All the Wrong Question #1 & #2 – Lemony Snicket – The last one is two books because I count it as one installment. The series has 4 books but I still don’t have the third. I haven’t read a Series of Unfortunate Events so it’s very surprising to read his works. Each words twine smartly and enjoyable.

Oh I wish I could add more to add the list :)

Although this blog wasn’t very active I managed to publish 3 writings in Jurnal Ruang. They are all written in Bahasa Indonesia:

  1. Mengintip Pesona Haruki Murakami (Essay)
  2. Keadilan Absolut yang Membawa Kemelut (Review)
  3. Atraksi Lumba-lumba dan Kisah-kisah Lainnya (Review)

I must say 2018 wasn’t that harsh for me. Surely there are things I am disappointed or annoyed with, and feel bad about, but there are many new things I did and achieved. My bookish life is one of the delight.

I am going to write about 2019 plan in another post. Let’s end it for now.


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