Today is August first. One day after Neville Longbottom’s birthday. And I am many books behind schedule of my 2018 Goodreads Challenge. This slow progress most probably because I did spend two months without finishing any book. It wasn’t an accident called “reader’s block”. At that time I just chose not to read. I just decided to do anything else – which I don’t exactly remember what they were, probably watching movies, or crocheting, or just lying on bed.

It is about two months since I’ve changed my major routine activities. To be honest, right at this moment, it sucks, because I really really really like what I was doing. Puty of Byputy then reminded me, indirectly, to remember purposes of things we do. She was talking about her career change, so I am. Why I was so eager to move out and move on, why I was often crying of pain and sadness. It is my choice and I am gonna live with it happily (or at least not too much grumbling). On a different note, recently I’ve gotten some new experiences that I’ve been dreaming about. It feels weird because I thought I never going to do those but now I am. No, not going to the details, maybe one day I might write here.

Back to book talks, these are fifty books I have read by today. Well, you will only see 49 books on pics below, another is one that I can’t talk about it yet (ha!). There are some that I don’t like, but most are quite enjoyable.


Although it’s just 4 months left, I am optimistic that I can reach 100 books goal. We’ll see later. How’s your reading progress?


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