One Hundred

I put number one hundred on my goodreads reading goal this year. For some people I know, it is just a small number. For me, it is huge. Previous years, I sometimes let my days end without reading anything – except emails and articles on web. So I couldn’t imagine how my brain would work if I read (at least) 100 books a year.

Surprisingly, I am making a good progress so far. Until this post is published, I have read 31 books. It is 11 books ahead schedule. It includes books with many illustrations, but no comic books. I always remember someone ever said that we need to try to read at least one hour per day, then we’ll get surprised how we’re actually able to read a lot. I now read more than one hour surely and yes I am shamelessly amazed by my brain works eating the words. A friend of mine M even said she’s proud of me (lol). Although I am not too sure why, her saying somehow made me smile.

Now. Why one hundred? I was physiologically diagnosed as a melancholy, person with very wide range of emotion. I tend to suppress emotion which was not healthy, so now it is all about the control. With my current schedule, I have no freedom to exercise continuously -effective to channel the emotion. So instead of curling and sobbing on bed for weeks or releasing anger in massive negative expression or punching people on their faces, I choose kind and silence, I choose read.



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