Tokyo, January 2018

Muji Yurakucho

First month of this year, I went to Tokyo for 3 days business trip and 4 days leisure. It was winter and no snow in Tokyo (Though about a week after my return to Jakarta there was heavy snowfall). This time I tried to make a little bit more detailed plan. I planned to visit other prefectures (Shirakawa-go, anyone?) and go to book stores in Tokyo, including Jimbocho – a famous bookish area in Tokyo. I even made the list of bookstores that I want to visit but Gallifrey is falling sometimes reality hurts. Not only that I failed to visit Shirakawa-go, I also could not find the time to visit bookish places.

I fortunately managed to go to Junkudo bookstore in Ikebukuro. Known as “Japan Barnes and Nobles”, Junkudo is about 10 stories high where 30 minutes won’t be enough to stroll around. I directly went to 9th floor to see the English selection. Although won’t satisfy and please people all, the English books offered is okay you can see popular, newly published, classics, and the price is also okay. I said okay because this compare to the price in Indonesia and I don’t know any about books price in Amazon Japan. I don’t always take pictures in Japan, especially in buildings or place where there are lots of people, and Junkudo is one of them.

Junkudo Bookstore, Ikebukuro

To console my inner self for not able to visit more places, I went to Book-Off Ikebukuro and decided to take one to bring back home. Charlotte’s Web by E.G. White costs me JPY 150 or about IDR 18,000.

Next time if I have a chance to go to Japan again, hope I’ll be really able to visit more bookish places.

@ Showa Kinen Park, Tachikawa

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