Wishful Wednesday #25

Raining is one of my favorite things in the world. If only I don’t need to be worried about wet clothes, mud, traffic jam, wet bag and stuffs inside, I would looove to walk under the rain every time it pours, even storms. Rain is often associated with sadness. But as a sentimentalist, to feel despair is refreshing. To grief is just a normal and important part of life so then I can appreciate smile and happiness more.

Naela Ali is a talented illustrator who has Japanese-ish touch in her works. She gorgeously created this book. Now I already mentioned two of my favorite things.

everything takes process. and from this pile of drawings, #storiesforrainydays began. #behindSFRD

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Stories for Rainy Days by Naela Ali is available in nearest book stores. You can also check her other adorable works in Asobi.

It rains a lot lately, stay safe everyone.

wishful-wednesdayThis is an entry of Wishful Wednesday by Astrid of Perpus Kecil 


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