Review: A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby

UntitledI only ever heard about High Fidelity and About a Boy, both in films, when it comes to Nick Hornby. Oh popular author! I once read in goodreads review. Although the testimonial says that it is extremely funny but I had a little doubt it would fit my taste.

But, anyway. A Long Way Down is the story of a friendship of four strangers who were going to suicide on a new year’s eve. Martin Sharp, is a (former) television celebrity. But he messed his life after sleeping with 15 y.o. girl. He lost his job, wife, and daughters, and what happy life you expect from that? There is Maureen, a middle-aged woman with son whom very much a vegetable. Jess, a young woman who felt miserable after broke up with boyfriend Chas, and has a very bad mouth. At last there is JJ, his band was screwed up, and his English girlfriend broke him up.

After cancelling their death and decided to postpone until Valentine’s day. From recreating Angel Matt Damon until going holiday to Tenerife, as many can guess, this friendship will come in a strange way. Each has different characters and opinions. With four (yes, four!) POVs, you feel like being four different persons in just 250s pages. I am not really a positive person but reading that everyone there thinks that they have a miserable life, it few times got fed me up, especially in Jess POV. But as much as I dislike Jess, this novel just pictures the portrait of our lives. Sure we have different thoughts with them – we live in different country and different cultures but we can sum up the good part:

…that even hard times have things in them that make you feel alive (Page 230).

A Long Way Down is a funny reading with dry jokes. I read a lot on the bus and had to hold my dry laughs. As predicted, it is already released in film in 2014 and they have Pierce Brosnan as Martin Sharp. I haven’t watched it but the trailer looks so fun, which I think supposed not to. It needs to be darker and gloomier and the friendship is not that hugging one.

It can be a good option for a light reading. Especially if you also want to find interesting British words like: berk, quid, spliff, or geezer.


The book is a collection of Ministry of Education & Culture Library


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