Monthly Recap: March 2016

happy birthday to you

Another “Oh wow, time does fly!” moment. Welcome April and let’s take a look at my March bookie life.

After finished reading this super crappy book, (okay not finished, I read half, I skimmed half), my reading mood was just disappeared. But I didn’t want to let myself in reading slump so I tried hard to (still) read although (just) mangas.


Source : here

I have piled Beelzebub for months, I was in hiatus after volume 5 or 6 or 7 I forgot, so I just continued reading vol. 6-26. Beelzebub is still on going until vol.27 in Indonesia (this latest volume is already on store but I haven’t bought it), in Japan it’s already finished in vol. 28.

Beelzebub is a story about a baby of Devil (Satan?) King, nicknamed Beel-Boy. In a strange circumstance, he was stranded on earth and had a contract with a bad ass teenage boy named Tatsumi Oga whom then became his “adoptive” father. This Oga goes to school in Ishiyama High School, an unusual school where the students are just bunch of gangs and fighting is just their fortes. At first, Oga took fights with Ishiyama “leaders” but list of his enemies keep growing. Humans, spirits, devils, you name it, you got it. What I love the most is that Beelzebub has unpredictable and hilarious plot, and the Indonesian translation superbly funny as hell. Recommended!


Source: here and here

I also just continued reading my on going manga collection. I read Seki-Kun vol. 7, and I am Sakamoto, You Know? Vol. 2-3. Seki-Kun is about a boy name Seki who sits at the very behind of the row in the class. Not sure if he has too much spare time (lol) but he almost never studies. What he’s doing are just playing robots, being a postman, trying glasses, cleaning tables, all other unimportant things. He speak no words on this manga. We can get the story from Rumi’s (friend who sits next to him) monologue in her head commenting and grunting and complaining or from other characters. I am Sakamoto, You Know? is another wacky manga, about a boy name Sakamoto who masters everything! He can do everything flawlessly and in style.

As Beelzebub is almost finish, I want to collect another titles. Friend recommended me Friendless Yugami but I am also interested in The Sluggish Tanaka. And I also want to collect Ace of Diamond but boy, it has 47 volumes! hahaha.

Other manga titles I read on March are Hai Miiko Cilik (bought and read just to complete the collection), My Little Monster vol. 13 (Really? No Yama Ken’s spinoff???)  and Sailormoon Deluxe vol. 4 (same story, renewal edition). Talking about Sailor Moon, I just hate her. I don’t understand why I used to like Usagi a lot. She is confoundedly annoying, and Mamoru Chiba? Okay I know he is gentle and nice and imposing, but he is way too boooring.

I read light novels: Trio Detektif dan Ayam Beracun (The Three Investigators CrimeBusters series #2) which characters are by Robert Arthur Jr. but this one was not written by him), Cinderella Teeth (review here), Doctor Who: How to be a Time Lord (not that good but it is surely for whovian, like me!), Mr. Bat Memang Jenius (an old children novel by a German writer), and Annie’s Story by Andy Weir with its plot twist.

I can’t recall what books I bought on March so let’s not talk about it. My reading plan for April is… err… I am reading A Little Life now which I like so far, I plan to reread Hai Miiko but will see later, err… Well, Ok, I have no plan.

See you at the next post!



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