Monthly Recap: February 2016


Oh, time flies so fast. It’s March already. Not that I am not happy with it. Anyway, let’s take a look at my bookie life.

I picked some for my reading but haven’t finished yet. So in the end, I only read three books and one manga. The first book is a crappy book, by this I mean a crap crappy book and because it’s too crappy I even don’t want to mention the title here, that is a challenge by friends from BBI Jabodetabek area. As I  promised them, I read and made a brief review, you can find here on my goodreads. The bad news is, it has a sequel (ROFL). I am currently struggling with it because it is nothing but a crap crap crap. Reason I still read that is because I made that stupid promise.


I read Seki-Kun no. 6 directly after reading Norwegian Wood. You may click here to read my review.  Last night I just finished The Dusty Sneakers. Review will come up soon perhaps. That’s it. lol. I predict that I will finish more books on Match since I have started to read some. Well, not sure if then I got a reader’s block or too busy to make something pretty :p

Hey, wait, I am still not giving up with the shopping spree. I bought 5 books for about IDR 130k (less than USD10) at Periplus bazaar, the hightlight is Naomi! . I also got 2 secondhand books from Surgabukuku (I ordered it about 2 months ago). My Harry Potter illustrated edition finally arrived, along with two other mangas. Kendeng Panali kindly sent me two books for free (I got one for free, another is just a borrow). Aand my friend gave me Doctor Who The Dangerous Book of Monsters! as a late birthday present. Geronimo!!


I’ll see you in next post!


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