Wishful Wednesday #30


How’s your days so far? Hope all runs well. I am actually having things to do but I am very sleepy now. So let’s do something else instead of working *grin*, and it is Wishful Wednesday.

Source: bookandbed website

I call it: Sleeping inside the bookshelves.

Book and Bed, a new Tokyo hotel, has created the sort of space that is impossible to leave. It is a cheap and cheerful dorm with a difference: guests’ bunk beds are hidden behind library shelves filled with 1,700 books in Japanese and English (The Guardian)

Book and bed are two of my most favorite things in the world. So once I come to Japan, would love to try this hotel. I check the price and it’s not so different with others. Perhaps we can meet other book lovers hot dudes reading which are cute, slim, slender, nerdy look, maybe a bit tsundere? there. But maybe 1 or 2 nights is enough since it’s Japan, you have to enjoy outside the most :)

Please you may check the hotel’s website here and check their lovely Instagram here.

This is an entry of Wishful Wednesday hosted by Perpus Kecil


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