Note: In One Year of Solitude

rina 2

No it’s not me =))

It’s Rina, or I usually call her Mbak Rina, as she is almost 2 years older than me. My only one office mate before J came to Jakarta office about this midyear (I don’t count my boss is a mate, and yes there are only four of us). Rina and I started to work in our current office almost at the same time, I did 18 days earlier. And I have spent most of my time in this one year with her.

We meet 5 days in a week, our cubicles separated by only three steps away, and that makes me automatically be close with her. I share her lots of stories and (I guess) she also does the same way. We talk about everything like in everything. I know what she does and whom she spends the rest of the days with. I know the people around her although never met them. And she does the way back. So if you guys are around me recently, probably she knows you too.

But practically we’re very different people. She is a lovely social butterfly while I think I am not (I hang out with friends but not as often as her). She spends the weekend hippyly and crowdy and brighty, maybe at the party with family and friends (and boyfriend, sorry guys) while I do curl on bed and sleep endlessly…

or sometimes read.

rina 1

But I am a happy friend.

Last month she talked to me that one of her 2016 resolution is reading books again. I’ve got known that she used to like books but left the habit in high school where she met friends and did the joy and fun. I was quite surprised yet happy hearing it. So I asked her a lot such as what kind of books probably be her liking. She had no idea and just told me to lend her books. To be honest I couldn’t believe that so I said that I would treat her lunch if she finished reading 3 books.

Yesterday she finished one, a light romance story. Her boyfriend found her reading a book when she was waiting for him in a car at the parking lot, and that surprised him. Yesterday before home, she bought a book at the mall when waiting to be picked up. She is reading Agatha Christie now.

I am a truly happy friend.


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