Note: End of Year Challenge

Pardon my non review posts.

So, it’s finally December and I was in reading slumps (I am always though).

So, around last week I shamelessly asked some of my friends to give some rewards for me reading books. Of course none was agree. But then abruptly someone texted me and said that she would give me 1 book of Mira W (I want them for the sake of the pretty covers!!!) if I finished reading any two books. After some negotiation I agreed to read 2 books in 2 weeks. Then again unashamedly I asked her to give me 2 books if I finished reading 4 books in 2 weeks. She said yes.


That challenge was started on November 30. Up to now (December 7) I have read 3 books: Hector and the Search for Happiness, Sudah… Biar Saja, and And Then There Were None (Lalu Semuanya Lenyap). Today I have picked one book from my shelf, it is an Indonesian light romance story titled Sincerely Yours. I am confident with this challenge!

Not one. But two. Another challenge is hosted by Bacaan Bzee (you can also click here for the details, in Indonesian). Bzee challenged 13 of us to read something not in our cup of tea. Five first readers who are able to finish and write the review will get the prize. The book was picked by Bzee and I got The Casual Vacancy by J. K. Rowling. Some of your perhaps saying “what? it is a challenge?” But yes for me. I am a very slow, very casual, and very moody reader. A big chunk is like a nightmare.


*cough cough*

Talking about The Casual Vacancy…

*cough cough*


Casual Book Reader and The Casual Vacancy are just meant to be *evil laugh*.

On December 5-6, goodreads Indonesia held an annual event called Indonesian Reader Festival. I am not going to talk about that, please help yourself. So anyhow generous Jakarta Book Club is one of the booth participant. They generously *grin* conducted a quiz with the prize on picture above. Short long story, I got it. Period. It was one of the best day in my life :D




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