Book Blogger Week – Day 4: Dion Yulianto

Surprisingly, I need more time to make random questions for Dion Yulianto because I know nothing about him. I love his blog tagline (which became the reason I visited his blog), his reviews are neat and well written (although not that special :p but became my consideration in choosing him as my interviewee). But if you meet him through group chats, you won’t see that image at all *laugh*.


Click the pic!

Anyhow, let’s check below!


Hi! Can you please introduce yourself?

Hi, as how you call, my real name is Diyan Yulianto *ciyee ngaku ni yee*. But, I guess people already know me as ‘Dion.’ Well, more people calling me as Dion than Diyan. It was very funny for myself when I found a review of ‘7 Kisah Klasik Edgar Allan Poe‘ which blaming the publisher for wrongly printed my name as Diyan. She called it is such a cruel injustice for the translator. Hihihihi. (red: yes he is the translator)

Others about me: very fond of cycling and jogging, reading (read: piling) books, and slow riding with motorcycle during afternoon.

Mainstream question; why you decided to make a book blog?

I decided to make a book blog because I want to record what I have read. Secondly is because I don’t know what to write on my blog. Yeah, my life is so flat, so I make it colourful with my piles of books. Besides I want to share with the readers that there are good book in the market they should read (and the bad ones too).

I was inspired by Rahib aka Suhu Tanzil Hernadi who diligently reviewing the books he had read with such a complete and comprehensive manner. Reading his reviews only, I can get many information and new insight.

What is your favourite book genre?

Fantasy of course. Why? Because the first book make me fall in love with collecting (read: piling) books is Harry Potter. ‘And first impression lasts longer,’ they said.

Is there any relation between being a book editor and a reader (esp. a book blogger)?

Yes, there are great relations for being editor as well as book blogger. Expecially when the book I am reviewing is not the book I am editing (I read more fiction books whereas myself is a nonfiction book editor), I feel a great need to ‘mutilate’ the book I am reading with my ‘editing knife’. It is not fair actually. That’s why some people said my reviews are far too formal, sometimes.

Any books you consider overrated?

Divergent series, Twilight, and Vampire Academy are book series I consider overrated. Sorry, but in my opinion I found these books so ordinary, nothing special for me.

Do you believe in Goodreads ratings?

Yes, I do believe book rating on Goodreads. But, not so blindly believe that rating so I am not checking the reviews. The reviews from goodreaders are I am truly believe more than merely the rating.

You buy random books, don’t you? And what is the most expensive book you bought?

Yes, I am a random book buyer since I am an omnireader type. I read many kinds of book, I bought them not because of their genre, but because of their affordable prices hahahaha. Actually, I like whatever books which added something new in me. I don’t care whether it is fiction or nonfiction, as long as the book give something to me, I bought it.

The most expensive book I’d bought is “Sejarah Rempah” by Jack Turner. I bought it for my own birthday gift.

Reveal how many are your books?

Err, it is obligatory to answer this very question?

*yes I told you all questions must be answered*

All right, my ‘to read’ shelf in goodreads consist of almost 600 books, whereas my ‘read’ shelf is around 500 something. So, the total amount of books I have is one thousand and something. I put them everywhere and anywhere around my house, mostly within boxes. Some others I’ve put in some public libraries around the town. Hope, they would reach some better owners

My favorite question: Harry Potter or Ron Weasley? 

Harry Potter, please. I am not into Ron Weasley but I am fond of his mother. For Harry, it seems that I somehow can feel what is Harry feeling with all of those loneliness in Dudley’s. I was an introvert person, maybe that has correlation with Harry. For addition, I am not good in contact-group sport (like football or quitdicth), but I like cycling or running (which somehow similar with Harry’s position as a seeker) *yaelah pengen banget dimirip-miripin*

Ok, now recommend 3 books for me!

Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull

Berkelana dalam Rimba by Mochtar Lubis

Seratus Tahun Kesunyian by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Lastly, what is your wish about book life in Indonesia?

I hope books prices can be cheaper, especially for teenagers, students, pupils, and rural people.

Dion can be also be reached through:


Twitter: @dion_yuli4nto

 So, that’s it for day 4. I will still bring you 3 more bloggers!


16 thoughts on “Book Blogger Week – Day 4: Dion Yulianto

  1. Yaudah nih pat aku komen di sini. Puas kau, mbaop? Puassss?????

    Cuma mau bilang aja, pengen njitak mas Diyan sebenernya. MasDi mau men-challenge mastez untuk memperebutkan posisi “siapa yang paling mirip Harry Potter” ya???

    Jadi sepedaan itu mirip main quidditch. O-okay…. *diam2 melipir ambil sepeda terbang*


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