Book Blogger Week – Day 1: Astrid Lim

Hi! Welcome to my event “Book Blogger Week“. For these seven days, I will bring you seven chosen bloggers. Interviews were conducted in English and Indonesian, depends on my mood (I am not only a casual reader, I am also a casual human being :p). Feel free to read and drop your comments!

Our first guest is Astrid Lim. Okay, first, let me make a confession. I know I shouldn’t have a favouritism to a certain guest, but whatever, Astrid Lim is my No. 1 favourite Indonesian Book Blogger member. I have fallen for her from the first time I saw her blog. I don’t like her blog appearance, the theme is somewhat boring :p but I like her writings, and of course her book list I wanna break through her house and rob her books *slapped*. Turned out we share the same birthday I love her more. Today is our birthdays (Yes, today!) and that is the reason I choose today is Day 1 of Book Blogger Week and place her as a guest number one.


Click the pic!

 Let’s check my interview with Mbak Astrid :)

Hi, Mbak. Can you please introduce yourself? 

I am Astrid Lim, 35, I work in an education/scholarship foundation called AMINEF, basically I manage some Fulbright scholarship programs for Americans coming to Indonesia. I have one kid named Yofel, a dino enthusiast who is now in his 1st grade. I live in Jakarta, currently in process of moving to a house after 7 years living in an apartment.

Please tell me why you decided to start a book blog? What’s your intention?

I’ve been blogging since 2003, my first blog (now it’s still active but unfortunately with less regular posts) is I’ve reviewed some books there too because I always love reading and books has become a part of me since as long as I remember. Then I stumbled into some blogs that were specifically written for reviewing books. Some of them were Indonesian blogs ( and Ferina’s blog ( are my inspirations! And some of them, like ( is English. These blogs inspired me to have my own book blog. I started my book blog in 2009, just before Yofel was born, because I was bored at the time waiting for him to come out to this world :)

My intention is simple, I want to remember, document, and archive my memories about the books that I’ve read. Who knows, it could be useful for other readers, even for my son when he (I hope) becomes a bookworm like me.

What is your favourite book genre?

My fave book genre is fiction in general. I (like a hipster snob I am) *snobby group hug* like books that are nominated for awards: Pulitzer, National Book Award, Man Booker Prize, or books that usually been discussed for book clubs. I like stories with characters that I could relate to, or stories that have a tick of reality in it. That’s why I don’t really like romance books XD But I also like children’s books, both fantasies or realistic fictions. Another genre that I love is mystery. I am a lifelong fan of Dame Agatha Christie and her most remarkable character, Hercule Poirot :)

You put “Newbery Project” on your blog. Can you tell us more about this?

Because I love children’s books and I think Newbery represents the best of the genre so far. Newbery Project is my personal project where I try to read as many Newbery books as I could. The award started in the 1930s so I have plenty of books to choose from for the rest of my life. I think that is enough for now, and although I still like to read books that won other prizes, I only read the ones that really catch my eyes :)

I know you read English and Indonesian translated books, what about local books?

I think one of my weaknesses is I don’t really read local books. As an Indonesian I’m supposed to support local writers, but it’s kinda hard for me to find books that I feel passionate about. I have a few favorites like Maggie Tiojakin (I love Winter Dreams), or even some old Dewi Lestari (Supernova Akar and Petir are my faves), and I read some contemporary fiction/romance from Icha Rahmanti, Clara Ng or Fanny Hartanti. But I think I need to broaden my horizon in Indonesian literature. Maybe you have some recommendations for me? :D

What is the dark side of being a book blogger?

The dark side, like every book blogger knows (including you, I’m sure haha) is the temptation of hoarding more and more books *sorry I don’t hoard :p*. Because being a book blogger means you will meet with other bookworms who always have some good recommendations and read books that you haven’t read before. And it will continue to book shopping and eventually book hoarding XD

What books you read when you were a kid? 

Mostly Enid Blyton books! I love Lima Sekawan, Pasukan Mau Tahu, and Malory Towers series. I also read Trio Detektif, Pilih Sendiri Petualanganmu, Detektif Cilik, and other series published by Gramedia when I was a kid (cough, cough, long time ago) *cough also*. I also read some Japanese comics though, Candy Candy is my all time fave. I still read Doraemon sometimes and I used to read Detektif Conan until I felt desperate with the waiting time and finally gave up :)

If you really need to sell your books, name one title that you will sell it with the most expensive price? 

Hmm probably some series from my childhood? I have complete Candy Candy or Lima Sekawan from the 80s versions :) But I’m not sure about the price, though.

If you were a character on a book, who are you?

I can relate much with Matilda (Roald Dahl), although I have so much better parents and family :) But we both love books so maybe I can at least adopt her as my sister :)

Now this is a private question, recommend me (YES JUST FOR ME) 3 books!

I will recommend some of my faves – maybe not really in your genre but worth to try :)

1. Night Film (Marisha Pessl), a contemporary thriller with lots of twists, I think you will at least appreciate the dark atmosphere :) *(((I will at least appreciate the dark atmosphere)))*

2. From The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler (EL Konigsburg): a funny, cute Newbery winner book about two siblings who ran away from home and hide in Museum in NYC.

3. Neil Patrick Harris, Choose Your Own Autobiography (Neil Patrick Harris): this is the funniest autobiography book I’ve ever read and I hope you find it funny too!

Last question, tell me your wish, anything, related to books life in Indonesia.

I want more libraries! Good, cozy, warm libraries with cool books. I want cheaper books – both import and local books- because books have to be affordable for everyone, yes? *YES!*

So, that was my quick interview with Astrid Lim, if you want to talk with her more, You can reach her:


Twitter: @pippopu

Instagram: astridfelicialim

Or simply drop a comment on her blog (you can click the pic above to go to hers)

This is the end of Book Blogger Week Day 1. Stay tuned for more awesome bloggers on next days!


6 thoughts on “Book Blogger Week – Day 1: Astrid Lim

  1. Happy birthdayy both of youuu!
    I think the novemberian are very cheerful people xD

    Congrat mba astrid for your new home! And thank you for introduce newbery theme, i love them too.

    And opaatt, i wish you will find your “home” soon. Jogja is great, isn’t it? :)))


  2. Happy Bornday, both of youuuu..
    The Novemberians peopleeee.. XD

    Walaupun belum kenal dan belum pernah berkunjung ke blognya mba Astrid, after this yaa, I’ll visit your home..

    And mbao, kapan kamu bakalan stay at Jogja? Kita bisa kulineran dan jelong-jelong. Jogja is a great place, isn’t it?


  3. Wah..lupa bilang, kalo mbak Astrid juga salah satu inspirator saya dalam membuat blog buku, selain mbak Fanda dan mbak Melisa.
    dan iya…kesan saya untuk blognya mbak Astrid hampir sama denganmuuu…hehehe


  4. Mba Astrid juga salah satu book blogger favoritku. ♡♥♡

    Happy birthday both of you.. btw aku masih blm tertarik baca buku Newberry, I don’t think it’s my cup of tea walo sering baca review2nyaa hehe..

    Mungkin ada yg mw lemparin ebooknya sini *lah malah minta*


  5. Weh, ternyata mbak Astrid ultahnya juga tanggal 23 tho? Berarti yang ultahnya bareng dikau, mbak Astrid, sama Sulis dong…😙😙😙 oh ya, kebetulan aku juga agak2 sama seleranya ma mbak Astrid, walo cuma buat genre general fiction sih… Hehehe


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