Wishful Wednesday #28


Goodreads Blurb:

The Sea of Fertility“ (豊饒の海 Hōjō no Umi) is a tetralogy written by the Japanese author Yukio Mishima. The series, which Mishima began writing in 1964 and which was his final work, is usually thought of as his masterpiece. Its title refers to the Mare Fecunditatis, a “sea” on the Moon.

The main timeline of the story stretches from 1912 to 1975. The viewpoint of all four books is that of Shigekuni Honda, a law student in “Spring Snow” who eventually becomes a wealthy retired judge in “The Decay of the Angel”. Each of the novels depicts what Honda comes to believe are successive reincarnations of his school friend Kiyoaki Matsugae, and Honda’s attempts to save them from the early deaths to which they seem to be condemned by karma. This results in both personal and professional embarrassment for Honda, and eventually destroys him.

Ribbet collage

Ribbet collage2

I heard about Yukio Mishima few years ago. Bought Runaway Horses incidentally just because I have an unexplained liking of Japanese classic literature. I just knew that Runaway Horses is series no. 2 of this tetralogy (Glad I I haven’t read it :-p). The depressing part of this liking is it’s not that easy to find them here. Covers above are pretty but I only found one from Tuttle Publishing (and so most my Japanese classic literature collection). A friend of mine ever showed off her collections which bought in Yogyakarta, she said there was a big sale and I was so envy with her.

Ribbet collage

So why Mishima?

I finally found my reading pace again. I was still in reading slump on October with the travelling and travelling hangover *laughing hard* (nggak sabar mau jalan-jalan sebulan, jalan-jalannya seminggu, hangovernya dua minggu). I was only able to finish two books and one mook. I successfully finished another about 2-3 days ago then I picked Mishima’s Sound of Waves to improve my poor English.  So far I like it, hope able to finish it soon and write the review.


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10 thoughts on “Wishful Wednesday #28

  1. I read The Sound of Waves recently. Not the most memorable book, but I like the style it was written in.

    Hoping to read Spring Snow next year. I am weirdly convinced that the Sea of Fertility would be a firm favorite so I keep saving it for later. I have the Vintage classics edition, which I think is so gorgeous with the red tones.


  2. Woww.. another Japanese writer. Do not know this one, and still in love with Murakami and otw reading his short story (Town of Cats). Wanna search about Mashima and join you hehe.. but, actually I always find that Japanese writer is hard.


    • If you just have read Murakami then I think you can’t say Japanese literature is hard to undestand :) Besides, Murakami is contemporary so basically this is not an apple to apples comparison.

      Hope you can find a comfortable reading and do let me know your feeling after that ^^


      • Agree! Murakami just one of billions Japanese writers. I do read Kitchen too (forgot the author name), and like Murakami, this novel tell about life too. So this is give me a vibe that usually Japanese literature basic in the real life, I mean I got how the feeling, the worries of something, not a big theme like western or korean.


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