Note: Doctor Donna


I love Donna. Who’s Donna? Donna Noble. Who is Donna Noble? The companion. What companion? Oh please google it yourself!

I don’t know it is just me or what but I don’t like Rose Tyler. I mean, yes Rose is nice and funny and witty but I just don’t understand her. To be honest I don’t like the idea of The Doctor-Companion love relationship. Martha had a crush on 10th but she’s not that obvious as Rose (Okay, she was obvious). So I love Donna, the noble Donna with her weakness and foolishness and kindness. Donna is so gonna be my favourite character.


But this is a book blog so why am I talking about Donna? Because when The 10th Doctor’s companion was Donna, there are two episodes related to the books. First one is on the 4th series titled “The Unicorn and the Wasp“. So in summary, Doctor and Donna met Agatha Christie, faced the giant bees, and voila! The things happened to them became an inspiration for Agatha’s book.



Number two is the episode “Silence in the Library“. The episode is so much heartbreaking. River Song appeared on TV for the very first time (I didn’t like her at first but later on River becomes one of my favorite!). And in this episode, we can find a super quote from this series related to the books.



I am writing this just because the 9th season just started about three weeks ago and I am so excited with it! I just finished the 50th special anniversary and the Time of the Doctor for a warming up and I am so much ready to meet the 12th doctor now! (And Missy! And Daleks!)

Aaand to reminisce the 11th, let me just drop these here:



Pics are not mine.


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