Review: Acoustic Life by Nanda

nandaTitle: Acoustic Life ( 어쿠스틱 라이프)

Story & Ilustration: Nanda

Translator: Ezi Fazi Ishrayni

Pages: 288 p

ISBN: 978-602-03-1067-1

Publisher: PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama, 2014

It is Nanda, a freelancer who is married to Han Gun, a game freak who luckily works as a game developer. Nanda draws and writes her (silly) life story, featuring Tokkeng, a little brother who cares about cosmetics and skincare products (but don’t want to be assumed as a weird),and other family members.

First, I thought Nanda is an Indonesian (I mean, Nanda, it is my friend’s name) but it turned out that she is a Korean. And this book is a collection of her webtoon diary series.

Around the year 1998 online comics began cropping up on the web, before the name webtoons had become common parlance. The artists were often not professional comic book artists but illustrators or graphic designers posting diary-like comic strips on their personal blogs or websites. Some of these amateur artists gained an immense following, scoring book deals and product lines like character toys and stationery. Kwon Yoonjoo’s Snowcat, Jeong Chul-yeon’s Marine Blues, Jung Oo-yol’s Old Dog and Nanda’s Acoustic Life were early webtoons from this era, pioneering the diary style that still dominates webtoons today. (Yi Myung Suk, LIST Magazine)

Unlike common Japanese comics (with those bamby eyes, long legs, skinny body, and flawless hair), Nanda’s drawings seems like “surreal”. But it is cute. I don’t know how to describe the cuteness, so just check excerpt below:

I give 3 stars to this. It is cute, sweet, and lol, but the short conversations and not so detailed drawings on almost 300 pages is a somehow a bit boring for me. This book is a recommended one for you to read after a loooong looong day.

Apparently Nanda still continues this. If you’re able to understand Korean, you can click here to read more episodes of her life (and by only seeing the drawings I think the couple already have a baby!)

I’d like to say thank you to Bzee for giving me this book. I have known this book since my friend gave a review on Goodreads but when I checked the price on the bookshop, OMG this is super expensive (I think it’s almost IDR 100k). So, thanks Mbabz! ^^


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