Wrap-Up List: September 2015


Oh My God, this is the last day of September and I think I didn’t read any! *laugh histerically*. No, the photo above is not my read books, I just happened to buy those all, I repeat, ALL, for only IDR 100k (less than USD 7 and a travelling pillow for free). I bought them on an event named “Drive Books Not Cars” which is held annually, this year it was in Pasar Santa on September 26-27.

Anyway, after finished reading Jinx (review here), I practically read nothing. I gave a try to “Persuasion” but I was stuck because I am too stupid too understand the first few pages, I am too lazy to hard-try to understand, I am too sleepy to read on the bus, and I just love my cellphone! I know I should just pick up another book but I did not do it. Besides, my lovely shabby tattered moth-eaten laptop, Junpyo, is dying or maybe he is dead!!! I am soo saaad I don’t wanna do anything (okay, this can’t be an excuse).

I started to read again maybe two days ago, I have read Yotsuba&! Vol. 4-6 and today I just picked up “Acoustic Life” by Nanda. So, yeah….



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