Casual Book Reader Giveaway Winner

Hi, guys!

Thanks to all of you who have joined my casual giveaway. Thank you too for willingly listened to my voice (Yeah I know, it’s cute, you’re welcome *slammed*). So, there are only 5 participants whom answered it correctly.

after the quake

Be careful with the capital words!

And among them, I have picked up the winner based on, and funny thing is the winner’s name has always been on my mind she would be the one lol.

Congratulations to: Femz : @mhy_unique

Please send me an email confirmation to: opathebat[at]gmail[dot]com. Please inform me your name, address, and mobile number. I will wait for your email in 2 x 24 hrs.

Thanks again and see you in another giveaway! ^^


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