Wishful Wednesday #27

I’ve been not wanting to buy books recently. I still want to have a lot, though. Just not in the mood for buying it. Proved by only 3 books I purchased last month for the sake of my childhood memories. Okay I spent a little bit more (maybe) but all I bought were just mangas just to complete the series I have bought earlier. The reason of not buying many books just because I’ve enjoyed doing other things, which is no problem for me.

I wanted to skip this week’s Wishful Wednesday but generous Mbak Astrid is conducting a giveaway. Giveaway is always a temptation  *laugh*. So I decided to pick up one book to be my wishlist and it is…


I proudly say that I am a whovian (and the new season starts in one week!!!). The books are inspired by some Doctor Who episodes of the seventh series. I can’t say particularly which episodes are my favorite but “The Angels Take Manhattan” episode surely is. The 11th Doctor, Rory, Amy, River, and the devilist devil of all, the weeping angel! This episode is also a tiring and heart breaking one *wipe tears*. I first saw weeping angel in “Blink” episode in the Series 3. It scared me. It still does.


A friend of mine bought this book in Kinokuniya Singapore. Not remember how many copies left but at that time, I was still with the 10th doctor while this book is about the 11th doctor so I barely recognized him (but still she bought me a copy with mega handsome David Tennant on the cover). Now of course I have finished all the doctors new generation, this is a must-collect one.


Link to buy books: bookdepository, periplus (I know I know, but we can do compromise, can’t we, Mbak Astrid ?*wink*)

wishful-wednesdayThis is an entry of Wishful Wednesday by perpuskecil


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