Review: Jinx (Kutukan Sial) by Meg Cabot

Title: Jinx (Kutukan Sial)

Author: Meg Cabot

Translator: Caecilia Dian Pratiwi

Pages: 248 p

ISBN: 978-979-229-396-8

Publisher: PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama, 2013

It’s Jean, not Jinx. But Jean was born along with thunderbolts which made a blackout in her whole village.  So yeah Jean maybe is a Jinx. And she has big red hair. And her mother is a priest (It’s pendeta in Indonesian. I am not sure what’s the correct word of it in English). And this Iowa girl said hello to stay with her uncle, aunt, and three cousins in a big city, New York. There she met new friends, new enemies, and of course new crush.

I chose this book from my shelf just because I wanted to read something on the bus but my bag was already so heavy I almost broke my shoulders. At first I thought it’s a teeny weeny beety love story. That cousin Tory and Jinx fight about Zack the cute boy. Although they know Zack likes Petra, Tory’s pretty au-pair. Well it is a tinky winky dipsy love story, but how could I expect that it’s related to magic. The voodoo dolls, the strange mushroom, the Ireland witch, and stuffs. Which is quite impressive for me.

The story is predictable but it is a teen lit. The translation is nice. So a good score for this area.

Rating: 3 of 5.



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