TBR List: September 2015

I am so much happy that I accomplished last month’s TBR list. So hey, let’s make one for this month.


I am suddenly not in the mood for reading mangas, So maybe I will just only read Yotsuba 4-5 and Beelzebub 6-8. I have started reading Meg Cabot‘s Jinx (given by Lulu, thanks!) since end of August because I wanted to bring a book but my bag was already heavy so I chose the light one. Wanting to take a part of Japanese Lit Challenge, I will reread Sputnik Sweetheart (FINALLY!!!). I always say that the time I want to reread this very favorite piece, the time I am ready to fall in love again *laughing hard*. My baby Wind/Pinball arrived last month, I will try to read it although it’s not on my official TBR list. Then, I need an eerie refreshment, so I picked Agatha Christie’s 4.50 from Paddington just because I want to take a picture of this book in  TransJakarta busway station :-p


Jane Austen’s month is last month but I was not in the mood to read along of hers. So I will just read this pretty cover book, Persuasion, this month. I couldn’t manage to read another STA’s last month, so it will be my book for a challenge by lustandcoffee.

So, that’s it! Feel free to write yours and use my TBR list picture. See you on the wrap list!



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