Review: Anak Perawan di Sarang Penyamun (The Virgin in the Robbers’ Nest) by STA

apTitle: Anak Perawan di Sarang Penyamun (The Virgin in the Robber’s Nest)

Author: Sutan Takdir Alisjahbana

Pages: 112p


Publisher: Dian Rakyat, 1990

After taken by a robber who did evil things to his family, Medasing automatically became too a devilish robber in Sumatra Island, at the west more likely to be precised. He was very strong, very evil, and had no afraid either to kill and to be killed. One day after successfully robbed a rich man Haji Sahak and killed him, burned what’s left of him, Medasing (kind of) unconsciously took home a pretty lady named Sayu whom no one else but Haji Sahak’s daughter.

Sayu kept staying with the robbers because she was too afraid to go out of the forest by herself. Sahad, a friend of the robbers who liked her very much offered a way to go but somehow Sayu preferred to stay with Medasing and friends. Until one day, Medasing couldn’t get a kick in a stampede. On his trip to find food, he got accident and broke his arms, even his last friend was died. For the first time in his life, Medasing felt strange about something he was very used to face it, death.

The story is basically a somewhat you can guess. A girl, a jackass, what else you will get except a classical romance story. But please low your expectation if you want a “naughty” one. Anyway, that’s not the point. The language STA used for this book is just flawless, beautiful, and fascinating. Ever since I started this book I just knew that I would fall in love with this book.

Talking about the language, Indonesian itself is a very interesting language. The language is new and you can notice the changes year by year for the Enhanced Indonesian Spelling System (EYD). It is quite ticklish as this book was published on 1990 which is just 25 years ago but the the print is little bit different with current prints.


Anyway, apart from the “funny” print, all I can say about this book is just… beautiful, so much much beautiful (I know I mentioned it many times).  I’ve known this book since I was a kid because it was mentioned on my school book, and I feel sorry for myself that I just got a chance to read it now. A very much recommended one.

Rating: 5 of 5

wpid-1434811364870This is also en entry of 100 days Reading Indonesian Literature by lustandcofee


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