Review: Wonder by R.J. Palacio

wonderTitle: Wonder

Author: R.J. Palacio

Translator: Harisa Permatasari

Pages: 430 p

ISBN: 978-979-024-508-2

Publisher: Atria, 2012

August is an ugly born, at least that’s what he thinks. His unusual face makes him love Halloween more because on that day people are able to wear the masks without being noticed. But every day is not a Halloween day. August must go to school after just be home schooled, face new friends and teachers. This is a story about a boy, of all his abnormality, just want to be a normal boy. This is the story of August, the wonder boy.

The book does tell the story also from other’s point of view. There are Via, August’s sister, Jack Will and Summer, August’s friends, and few more. Being around August, they also have to handle their feelings. I love how R.J. put their various feelings as real as possible. For example Via, turns out that one day she felt tired of being a very nice sister of an abnormal illness brother. The interaction among 5th grade students are also cute and real. Nothing much, nothing exaggerating.

I have known this book since I read The Fault in Our Stars two years ago. Having the same name character, I thought this book is also about a bubbly lovey dovey teenager life which is not. This novel has good reviews everywhere, I mean like everywhere. But because I was pretty much curious about this book I avoided reading every reviews about it. Although at first this is quite frustrating because I didn’t know what will happen to August on the next page, glad I finally made this. I tried a bit hard to dislike this book, to comment that this is a kind of self-help book but I can’t. I just can’t. This is simple, warm, fun, and a recommended piece to read.

It is my first time reading Atria‘s translation. It is smooth and done well.

Rating: 4 of 5.

Trivia: August was born on October. Really, this is kind of a big joke for me *laugh*

This is also en entry of Lucky No. 15 Reading Challenge by perpuskecil for category “Something New”.


2 thoughts on “Review: Wonder by R.J. Palacio

  1. I like it better than TFIoS. At first, I thought it was like TFIoS so it gets the hype. But, boy I was wrong. I like the story and characters developments. I especially like how Palacio makes Via being so human, as in, she’s sometimes tired that all attention is for her brother.

    I didn’t read the translated version, but I have read other translated books by Atria (mostly the Wimpy Kid series). I must say that the translation is smooth and not confusing at all.


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