TBR List: August 2015

I don’t remember reading any non comic books last month. I tried to give a try to read one of Jennings series but I put it down after only few pages. I also had a plan to read some books but none of them was read. I actually brought one or two novels in my bag to the office but I think I just left it as it be.

Up to the seventh of August, I have finished reading 3 volumes of No. 6 (which needs about one month to finish it!).  Every time I finish a book, I usually will just sit down in front of my book-shelf and choose whatever I want to read (or sometimes I don’t choose any and just sleep or watch the TV series or films or animes or Korean variety shows). It’s a bit scary for me to have my own TBR list as to write it regularly would be a very hard thing to do. But anyway, this is my August 2015 TBR list.


I finally bought 17 first series of secondhand Beelzebub last month. But I only pick up 5 volumes to be read just in case I won’t be in the mood for it. There is a big chance to add the volumes but this time let me just put 5. The Picture of Dorian Gray is on my now reading list for decades. I have finished 162 of 252 pages (27 pages is for glossaries), the story is very interesting but I just don’t want to read it. That’s why it must be finished this month. Another in now reading list that needs to be finished is Bicara Tentang Jennings. Wonder and Medicken dan Lisabet are my new babies which I got quite cheap last month. The first one is bought from Aul and the second is in Blok M, it is not a secondhand but I got only IDR 10K (less than USD 1).


I want to end my list but I just remembered that I participate in 100 Hari Membaca Sastra Indonesia (100 days Indonesian literature reading) by lustandcoffee so I will just read Anak Perawan di Sarang Penyamun. And if I am not too lazy to read another, I will give a try for Tebaran Mega, also by Sutan Takdir Alisjahbana.

So, that’s my TBR list. I think if I don’t write the reviews, I will just comeback with the wrap-up list *smirk*. Care to tell yours?


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