Note: Changing

If you are familiar with me (and actually as I informed), I just changed my blog’s name to “Casual Book Reader“. First thing is actually I kinda dislike the previous name. I was very much eager to create a book blog but had no idea what to be the blog’s name, so I carelessly created “Buku Famu Famu“. Famu is an abbreviation for my real full name. I doubled it because I wanted it sounds cute, I am sorry for it *laugh*

I had asked several friends to help me creating new name but didn’t get any. I wanted to have “Casual Reader” but it is been reserved by someone, although if you open casualreader[at]wordpress[dot]com, you’ll find…


For many weeks I kept thinking a name for my blog. Then one day, few days ago, I incidentally thought this name. Why “Casual“? It is just because I am. I love books but I find myself too lazy too often to read it. I want to be surrounded by books all the time but I know I am not an avid reader.

I have to admit that my decision to change is inspired by a good friend of mine, Kikie. I always am the silly (no I don’t think I am a joker) that’s why I think the previous posts were more silly-ish for me. I was bored to my previous posts but I don’t want to delete those. Let’s say it was just a part of me. So let’s restart!

You can also find me in my (new) twitter account: @casualerader4 


One thought on “Note: Changing

  1. selamat menempuh blog baru! #apasik

    Aku baru nyadar kalo famu-famu itu dari singkatan namamu. Sebelumnya aku pikir famu-famu itu karena …Full Metal Panic Fumoffu… *fumofumo*


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