Wishful Wednesday #22

Brandon Stanton harus masuk daftar orang yang paling berpengaruh. Kalau belum di dunia, paling tidak di Amerika. Hanya berbekal kamera, sedikit wawancara, dan media sosial, Brandon berhasil mewujudkan apa yang disebut “restoring faith in humanity”.

Belum punya buku pertamanya, kemarin (dua hari lalu) Brandon mengumumkan kabar gembira untuk kita semua…


About two years ago today, the final touches were being put on the first HONY book. The book was the culmination of three years of hard work, and I couldn’t be prouder of how it turned out. But in the months and years that followed, the blog has continued to evolve. The interviews have become much deeper. The stories have grown longer and more intimate. And while the first book is a colorful depiction of HONY’s beginnings, it doesn’t fully represent what HONY has become. So I’m very excited to announce that ‘Humans of New York: Stories’ will be published this October. It will be 432 pages of the best material from the past 2.5 years. Additionally, it will feature 100 stories that have never been seen before. I’m putting the finishing touches on the manuscript over the next couple weeks, and am so thrilled to have a book that finally represents what HONY has become.

Can I have it for my birthday gift, pretty pinky please….

wishful-wednesdayPostingan ini juga diikutkan ke wishful wednesday-nya Mbak Astrid. Silakan klik blog Mbak Astrid di sini dan ikuti cara mainnya.


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